Saturday, May 26, 2012

Thirty-seven and a half weeks!

Whoa, kind of dropped the ball. I really thought I was going to document every month until I had this baby but I kind of forgot. This pregnancy has gone really fast for me surprisingly. Not the last couple of weeks of course but really everything has gone so fast. I played tennis with my mom really regularly. At least twice, sometimes even three times a week until we went to Mexico. So I got my fit pregnancy I was goin for. That put me at, what is that, seven months of something. We probably would have played more but then when we were playing in Mexico my mom hurt her leg. I think she pulled a muscle or something but it took quite a few weeks for it to heal and then I really started getting too big to run anymore. I have done some walking too.

There has been so much going on. Probably adds to why this pregnancy has gone so fast. I did a lot of party planning. My cousin was pregnant the same time as me so I planned our combined baby shower for the Nelson side of the family. She's had her baby now and she is sooo darling. I'm sure that has added to me being impatient for mine. Then I planned one of my best friends bridal shower. Then I planned my baby shower for the Luke side of the family. Then she had her wedding a couple weeks after that. And just stuff. Life happens continually. I don't work, I'm a mom of a two year old, I never spend more than two days consecutively at the house. We just stay busy. I don't even really know what I do, but I DO IT!

But to get to more current affairs. Yes, finally I have reached what is the realm of full term. So crazy. I could have this baby anytime now. And I could not be more prepared. I made lists of things to do this last month and I have really checked everything I care about doing off. I made crockpot freezer meals so I don't have to make dinner when the baby gets here. I stacked up on pads, witch hazel and dermoplast numbing spray and 300 infant diapers and 1000's of wipes. All of the newborn clothes, sheets, blankets, bottles, breast-pump and binky's are washed. My house is deep cleaned. Justin bought me a shark steam mop so that I don't have to use extreme chemicals all around the house and the new baby. SOOO happy about that. I packed mine and James go-bag (Justin is on his own for that one) for when the time comes to rush down to the Birth Center. I have been very crafty too. I made three darling binky clips and a carseat shade cover that is equally darling. As well as a bunch of head bands that I am just waiting to finish when I can measure her head. If I go too many more days I have a few other baby crafts I am going to attempt. The bassinet is set up in our room. There are fresh batteries in everything that needs them and the camera and video camera are all charged. I am running out of things to keep me occupied. And I am EXTREMELY anxious. I just want my baby girl so bad. I can't wait to breastfeed. There is nothing more bonding than that. I can't wait to dress her up in things from her giant wardrobe. A huge thanks to my mom who is completely obsessed with buying baby clothes, followed closely second by Rhonda, Justin's dads girlfriend. But really, I need my little dress up doll!

I am slowly getting less and less nervous about how James is going to take the new baby though. We have talked about it a lot by now and I think he may really be getting it. He is so funny. He talks to the baby in my belly. He says "HI baby! When you gonna come out?! Come out baby!" He is getting to be such a talker. At this point I have appointments one a week with my midwifes. A couple weeks ago I was having some stronger contraction so they checked me and I was already 50% effaced. That made me so excited. She really is coming. And I had James eleven days early so that would be about a week from now which statistically happens a lot. I hope she's ready by then.

 It is going to be very different having two kids. I am nervous but I can't wait. I am so excited to be going to a Birth Center to get exactly the kind of birth I wasn't able to have last time. The time will be here before I know it. Now's the time to relax and save up some strength.